Hand-carved Hairsticks

A wide selection of designs are available as hand carved hairsticks, each available in a variety hardwoods. Each stick is coated only with clear finish to preserve the natural coloring of the wood. Each stick is approximately 1/4" thick and is custom made to be as long as is needed for your hair.

[Hand-carved Hairsticks]  

Prices start at $35 per pair

Artwork Limited/Open Price*
Pictured, left to right
Serpent & tail limited $49
Phoenix limited $55
Fleur de Lis open $45
Celtic Spiral open $45

Not Pictured
[New!]Wolf limited $49
[New!]Pentacle open $45
*Prices slightly higher for #1 of a limited series.

Limited Run vs. Open Stock

As hand-made items, each stick will (of course) be unique. However, certain designs will be repeated as often as you (our customer) desire. These designs are considered to be Open Stock and will not be discontinued. Other designs will be repeated only a limited number of times before being forever discontinued. Typically, each limited design is utilized for between 10 and 15 pairs.


Please be aware that, at this time, our list of orders for hand-carved sticks is so long that we are no longer accepting new hand-carved orders.

For those customers that have been waiting, we have not forgotten about you. We would as you to remember that each stick that you are waiting for is hand-carved by one person... the same person who is also responsible for making every single other stick that is sold by KJ Craftworks. We appreciate your patience and will try to get your sticks made and to you as soon as humanly possible.

Hand carved hairsticks are available in the same variety of woods as paddles, though all woods are subject to availability. Listed prices do not include sales tax (where applicable) nor postage. See Ordering Info (below) for details.

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