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KJ Craftworks creates beautiful hand-crafted hairsticks and one-of-a-kind art out of wood using both traditional and modern hand tools.

Kathleen Jeanette Nelson puts much more than the KJ into KJ Craftworks. She has single-handedly carved every piece of wood that has been sold under the KJ name since she started carving in the late 1980's. Working both from original art and historical reference texts, she creates her works of art on things both functional and beautiful. With the exception of a few limited edition carvings, most of the original drawings used are destroyed in the carving process. Although much of her carving appears on the following types of objects, this is certainly not a definitive list:
[Celtic Zoomorph Dogs]
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Hand & Wall Mirrors
  • Candle Sconces
  • Plaques
  • Signs
  • Business Card Holders

Just what are hairsticks?

Hairsticks are a type of jewelry for your hair that will simplify your morning ritual, and maybe even let you sleep five minutes longer. Hairsticks have been around for centuries. Their use originated in the Orient as a decorative method of securing women's long hair into elegant styles. Hairsticks offer this and more for the 20th century wearer.

[Paddles]Today, hairsticks offer a creative opportunity to both women and men. Women can develop both professional and romantic looks with a single tool. Many classic hair styles can be visually enhanced and technically simplified by the use of hairsticks. For men, they allow a comfortable and stylish way to wear their long hair in a short hair world.

[Assorted Hairsticks]KJ Craftworks creates hairsticks in a myriad of designs. We currently carry over a thousand different colors, shapes, and sizes of beads to adorn the hand-turned hardwood sticks. Kathleen also carves a limited number of hairsticks into various designs. The spiral shape of our hairsticks is able to manage almost any hair, from the baby-fine to the immensely-thick. Each pair is also accompanied by a set of instructions for four different styles. In addition to the styles described in this booklet, wearers will find that hairsticks can be used with braids, chignons, nets, and other tools to create unique and attractive hair designs.

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