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None of these hair styles are explained in our instruction booklet, however they are easily adapted from those that are.

French Braid

[French Braid] This is a standard french braid, with the sticks used to secure the tail underneath the top portion of the braid. The sticks give a nice finished look to the braid, and dress it up. It also hides the scrunchy.

Partial French Twist

[Partial French Twist] This style is based on one of the French twist variations. It is best used with very long hair (as pictured) but can be quite cute if done over one ear with shoulder length hair. It is not as secure as a French twist, but it is quick enough to re-do that this is not annoying.

Side Rolls With Two Knots

[Side Rolls With Two Knots] This style simply uses two knots instead of the one used in the side rolls with knot. It is great for waist-length, heavy hair. It does require FOUR sticks instead of the normal two.

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