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KJ Craftworks would like to thank the following:

Balticon for giving Kathleen her start so many years ago.
The Folklore Society of Greater Washington (FSGW) for lots of friendly faces.
Christine Freelin for her friendship and encouragement to forget the Brass Ring and go for the Gold Ring.
Denise and John MacMahon for their helping hands.

Some of our artisan friends at the renaissance festival

Fantasy Guilde Studios: leather masks
Threads of Time: embroidered renaissance clothing
Mardigan's Maile: chain mail jewelry and armor
Wheat Goddesses: traditional woven wheat and hats
Potomac Leather: leather clothing
Bee Folks: honey and beeswax

Visit these sites to see if there is a Festival in your area!

[SCRIBE Favor]The SCRIBE Network maintains a very complete listing of Renaissance & Medieval Festivals.


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